The Greener Grocer is Closing

The Greener Grocer opened in January of 2008 with a goal of stocking our shelves with a wide variety of “good food”: local, seasonal and sustainably grown products from small, family farms throughout Central Ohio. Our product selection emphasized local and artisanal products, including fruits and vegetables, honey, maple syrup, flour, grains, and dairy.

The business was one of the first social enterprise models in Columbus with a focus on two outcomes: profitability and then re-investment of our profits for the good of our community. A significant portion of our time, energy and profits were donated to Local Matters, a nonprofit that I co-founded in 2008.

In January of 2014, I started a new company called Good Food Enterprises: a brand that seeks to partner with and/or invest in businesses that participate in the Good Food Movement and whose business model helps to expand the supply of local, regional and sustainably grown foods.

As a part of my work at Good Food Enterprises, I’ve been working with and supporting a group of local, organic growers who are working collaboratively as Great River Farms-In 2015, GRFs will become Great River Organics (GRO) as all the member farms will be certified organic. Together, we’ve been marketing and distributing the Great River Market Bag, a multi-farm CSA share that is filled with vegetables grown on our member farms.

I’m closing The Greener Grocer on December 31, 2014 to devote more time to the community investment work of Good Food Enterprises and to support Great River Organics’ expansion into a wholesale distribution company for local, regional and certified organic products.

I have loved being a merchant in the North Market for the past seven years and am grateful for the tremendous support that we have received from our shoppers, the many passionate and dedicated employees who have passed through our doors and to the farmers and artisans who work so hard, for so little, to keep us so well fed. You all rock!

While I am sad to leave the North Market family, I am equally excited to continue my work to expand the availability of Good Food for all.

In Gratitude.

Michael Jones